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Faster Document Signing

In our fast-paced society, customer expectations centre around speed and convenience. Simplify and accelerate your signing process and give your customers the flexibility they need.

Signed Within the Hour
Signed within 24 Hours
Reduction in Admin Time

Do Business Faster

Documents can be signed faster, eliminating the need for posting and getting documents physically signed. This rapid turnaround time means contracts, agreements, and approvals can be processed in minutes not days.

Reduce Paperwork

By moving to electronic document signing, you can reduce the amount of physical paperwork and the time taken to deal with it. You can also cut the associated costs of printing, sending, and storage.

Boost Client Satisfaction

Delight your clients with a fast, professional signing experience enabling them to sign wherever they are and at a time that suits them.

Get documents signed fast

Send and Sign Anywhere, Anytime

Get documents signed within minutes using Legalesign. Using eSignatures for your documents can dramatically improve signing rates, meaning deals progress quicker, you get paid faster and customers are happier. Your customers can sign wherever they are, on a variety of devices, and at a time convenient to them.


Instant Updates

With Legalesign, you get real-time data on the document status. If somebody opens the email, views the document, or signs the document, you will know in real-time. And with automated reminder emails, you’ll never have to chase clients for signatures again.


Send Hundreds of Documents with a Single Click

If you need to send a document for signing to 10, 50, or even 100 people, it can take time, effort, and money. Bulk Send from Legalesign enables you to simplify your workflow and send a document to hundreds of people in minutes. As 75% of documents get signed with Legalesign within 24 hours, your signatories can sign and return documents just as fast.


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