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September 18, 2019

Supporting Polo & Tweeds’ High Quality Branding

Using Legalesign keeps our reputation and professionalism at the heart of everything we do


  • Critical first point of contact with customers

  • Fast candidate registration for high-net clients, who include celebrities and royalty

  • 76% of documents signed within 24 hours

  • Easy for customers to sign, quick and simple to use

  • Highest level of satisfaction after using Legalesign for 4 years

Recruitment entrepreneur Lucy Challenger (pictured) chose Legalesign as the perfect electronic signature for her distinguished clients around the world to digitally sign on the dotted line.

Award winning Polo & Tweed is one of Legalesign’s longest running customers and relies on its eSignature software to speedily register candidates for potential positions with high-net clients, including celebrities and royalty, who may require domestic staff including butlers, nannies, housekeepers, chauffeurs, yacht crew or chefs in the UK, Europe, USA or the Middle East.

Why is Polo & Tweed using eSignature software?

CEO Lucy decided when she founded the business in Mayfair, London in 2015 that she would use electronic signatures to speed up the international recruitment process. Legalesign plays a vital role in this; it is the first point of contact towards converting an active account thanks to its speed and ease of use.

Lucy said,

I had worked in recruitment before setting up my own business and the big slow point was the contract signing; it’s always a bugbear personally when I am sent contracts to sign. I wanted a system that was environmentally friendly and didn’t require printing off paper, both from the clients’ side and our side. I also didn’t want massive filing cabinets like we had in the 1990s, I wanted something quick and easy to use, and Legalesign has met those needs

How did you choose Legalesign?

I had recently let a property in London and the agent used an online contract which wasn’t particularly user friendly, though it meant I could sign the contract remotely. So I knew it existed, but I wanted to find a system that was easier to use. I did a bit of Googling and went straight with Legalesign, I could see it was good. I have been using it for four years now and have no plans and am delighted with it.

What does Legalesign do?

Polo & Tweed use electronic signatures to register new clients and candidates, obtain signatures for confidentiality and code of conduct agreements, NDAs, employment contracts and for participants who attend their domestic training courses; 76% of documents are signed with 24 hours.

Lucy commented,

I think that’s a fabulous figure, that’s the reason we use it because in the recruitment process particularly, time is of the essence. The longer it takes someone to sign the contract the less likely we are going to convert it to a placement.

Effective and easy-to-use eSignature software

We quite often get feedback when we are sending contracts to lawyers who represent the families, saying how much they like Legalesign, remarking on how easy it is to use and how effective it is for getting contracts to sign.

The vast majority of people, 95%, are able to electronically sign agreements sent by Lucy’s staff without any difficulty, while the remaining 5% need Lucy to talk them through the process, perhaps because of language constraints or poor IT knowledge. But Lucy acknowledges that the benefits for her business and clients are enormous.

Lucy added,

They don’t have to faff about with paper, just a click and it’s done. I like how Legalesign shows the IP tracking on the final page and how you can see who viewed the document and signed it.

Award-winning Polo & Tweed

Polo & Tweed have scooped a string of prestigious awards; most recently Lucy was announced as the Most Influential Boutique Recruitment CEO 2019 by CEO Monthly. The company was awarded Best Recruitment Agency 2019 by the Global Business Insight Awards Panel and they also made it to the finals of the International Business of the Year 2019 run by the Federation of Small Businesses.

Everything we do, including our use of Legalesign, has contributed to us winning these awards. Signing only take a few seconds of my staff’s time to manage the recruitment process and that is what we excel in and is reflected in by winning these awards

Legalesign has definitely helped us with the initial contact with clients and keeps our reputation and professionalism at the heart of everything we do.


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