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Digital Signatures Are Just the Beginning. Legalesign's Software Provides Powerful Productivity and Lowers Costs.

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Exceeding expectations. Immediate Cost-Savings That Multiply Over Time.

Legalesign provides an unparalleled ROI for our clients. With advanced eSignature technology at its core, our platform delivers exceptional value through a comprehensive, feature-rich suite for all contract workflows and forms. Easy to use means fast signing for your customers, with ultra-reliable systems architecture, so you get eSignatures exactly when and where you need them.

"The ease of use of legalesign means we spend pence and more time getting contracts out for signing and not wasting time creating contracts...we now have a better uncluttered contract signing system for single or multi user signing with all the security and audit trails expected of a quality e-signing system without the expensive cost being attached per envelope with the benefits of time for our users while securing our documents in electronic from for ease of access." - Paul S., IT Manager
Why Legalesign?
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Blink, and You'll Miss It. Lightning Fast Completion.

Over 50% of documents are signed within 2 hours using Legalesign's eSignature app. Generate contracts on-demand and have them signed before your competitor finishes the postal run. Show your signatory the dotted line with single-use links and guided forms. Real-time notifications ensure you're fully in control.

"The whole experience is fast, efficient and secure. I like the convenience of sending out an e-sign document and receiving the signed documents within a matter of minutes. This helps to reduce costs and create a more paperless office. Once you have sent one E-Sign out to a client it's easy to get to grips with the whole process." Keys Finance
Features & Pricing

Ready for the Expected, and for the Unexpected.

An eSignature app that rapidly adapts to any situation. Legalesign delivers on the day-to-day processes and bespoke one-off signing requirements. Be confident that your eSignature solution can handle the dynamic modern business landscape.

"Just give it a go - it has all of the 'premium' features of the competitors, but without the 'enterprise' price tag. The support team are really quick to help and more often than not there are already detailed support documents for what you want to do. Our team picked it up in a couple of days, and administration is very simple and quick." Michael G.
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Save Time, Money & Our Planet.

Paperless signing eliminates economic and environmental costs on stamps, paper, ink, printers and maintenance.

But eSignature is far more than just digital dots and dashes. In-depth analytics show you the best time to follow up with your customers, and Legalesign's document management systems save time on compliance while automation sends reminders, so you're not chasing paper or signatories.

In the fast-paced world of business, make sure you've got time for what matters most, leaving the reams and rolls behind.

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Pricing to fit your business

Unlimited send on all major plans and no lock-ins ever. Our pricing puts you in control. Only pay for productivity you use, and choose the features that suit your ROI projections.

Environmentally friendly

eSignatures reduces the use of paper and transport, creating a cleaner, greener environment for everyone. Protect our planet and your brand with an eco-friendly contract solution.

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Independently Ranked Among The Best eSignature Apps

Legalesign is proud to be a top performer in the G2 software rankings on a consistent basis. We provide the responsiveness and accountability of a local supplier with the features and scalability of market leaders. It's important for those who take their data responsibilities seriously.

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Evolving & Adapting

We stay on top of the latest legislation and legal changes so our customers can focus on their business. Legalesign has a full team of developers and engineers, constantly updating our protocols to ensure a signable app that complies with all regulations in our client's industries.

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