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eSignature tech is only half the picture, value-add comes from everything else.

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Exceeding expectations. Get immediate cost-savings and significant value-add over time.

Legalesign focuses on delivering excellent overall ROI for business. Advanced electronic signature is the core, then value is delivered through a comprehensive feature-set for all contract workflows and forms, high reliablity systems architecture for total uptime, easy to use and fast signing for your customers, and an easy to use platform for all skill levels.

"The ease of use of legalesign means we spend pence and more time getting contracts out for signing and not wasting time creating contracts...we now have a better uncluttered contract signing system for single or multi user signing with all the security and audit trails expected of a quality e-signing system without the expensive cost being attached per envelope with the benefits of time for our users while securing our documents in electronic from for ease of access." - Paul S., IT Manager
Why choose Legalesign?
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Fast contract completion. Smooth signing experiences.

Fast contract completion is a key benefit of eSignature. With a scalable processing system you'll never wait more than a few seconds for a contract to generate and be emailed. Signers get a one-use link and the signing experience easily guides them through the process. Fields auto-save as signers progress. You get notified in realtime to ensure you get your contracts signed.

"The whole experience is fast, efficient and secure. I like the convenience of sending out an e-sign document and receiving the signed documents within a matter of minutes. This helps to reduce costs and create a more paperless office. Once you have sent one E-Sign out to a client it's easy to get to grips with the whole process." Keys Finance
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Features for the day-to-day and for the unexpected.

Legalesign is one of the most highly featured systems on the market. You'll be ready for unusual signing situations, and know your esignature solution has the capacity to adapt to your changing business.

"Just give it a go - it has all of the 'premium' features of the competitors, but without the 'enterprise' price tag. The support team are really quick to help and more often than not there are already detailed support documents for what you want to do. Our team picked it up in a couple of days, and administration is very simple and quick." Michael G.
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Save money. Go paperless.

Going paperless for your documents will eliminate your costs on stamps, paper, ink, printers, maintaining printers, and time franking. Email users will cut out hours of time managing your documents, following up, and digging out old emails when compliance comes round (that may be lost...). On reminder emails alone, Legalesign reminders automation can free up days of time. Legalesign reporting will tell you your optimal time to send and follow up your customers.

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Pricing to fit your business

No lock-ins and unlimited send. Our pricing puts you in control: pay as you go and features-based pricing means you can buy based on your own ROI.

Environmentally friendly

Going paperless reduces the use of paper and transport, helping create a cleaner, greener environment for all. An eSignature contract signals your eco-credentials.

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High performer in world rankings

Legalesign software ranks high in rankings with performance often better than or at least equal to market leaders. But with the responsiveness and accountability of a local supplier. Important for our customers who take their own responsibilities for data seriously.

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We're always looking for ways to deliver the best for our customers. These usually come in small increments, and ideally are hardly noticeable so we don't disrupt daily users, but we're updating and improving every day.

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