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Legalesign hits all three main nerve centres for business improvement: cost savings, process efficiencies, happier end-customers. With advanced eSignature technology at its core, our platform delivers exceptional value through a comprehensive, feature-rich suite for all contract workflows and forms. Easy to use means fast signing for your customers, with ultra-reliable systems architecture, so you get eSignatures exactly when and where you need them.

"The ease of use of legalesign means we spend pence and more time getting contracts out for signing and not wasting time creating contracts...we now have a better uncluttered contract signing system for single or multi user signing with all the security and audit trails expected of a quality e-signing system without the expensive cost being attached per envelope with the benefits of time for our users while securing our documents in electronic from for ease of access."

Paul S, IT Manager

Blink, and You'll Miss It

Lightning Fast Completion

Built using the latest web technology, the tablet app (we call it the 'agent' app) can work as a web site or be installed like an app. All activity is stored internally to the app, so that it is not reliant on an external network. If the internet goes down or is out of reach, the app will continue to work.

When the device reaches a network connection again it will sync automatically with the central service.In a busy environment where a network is overloaded, underground, or in remote locations, you can be reassured you can still get your documents completed.

"The whole experience is fast, efficient and secure. I like the convenience of sending out an e-sign document and receiving the signed documents within a matter of minutes. This helps to reduce costs and create a more paperless office. Once you have sent one E-Sign out to a client it's easy to get to grips with the whole process."

Keys Finance


Ready for the Expected, and for the Unexpected

An eSignature app that rapidly adapts to any situation. Legalesign delivers on the day-to-day processes and bespoke one-off signing requirements. Be confident that your eSignature solution can handle the dynamic modern business landscape

"Just give it a go - it has all of the 'premium' features of the competitors, but without the 'enterprise' price tag. The support team are really quick to help and more often than not there are already detailed support documents for what you want to do. Our team picked it up in a couple of days, and administration is very simple and quick."

Michael G.

Pricing to fit your business

Unlimited send on all major plans and no lock-ins ever. Our pricing puts you in control. Only pay for productivity you use, and choose the features that suit your ROI projections.

Environmentally friendly

eSignatures reduces the use of paper and transport, creating a cleaner, greener environment for everyone. Protect our planet and your brand with an eco-friendly contract solution.

Evolving & Adapting

We stay on top of the latest legislation and legal changes so our customers can focus on their business. Legalesign has a full team of developers and engineers, constantly updating our protocols to ensure a signable app that complies with all regulations in our client's industries.


Same Reliable Legalesign. All New Upgraded System and Interface

Your brand new Legalesign experience is coming soon.


For What You Need Today, and Tomorrow

With hundreds of possibilities for document preparation, validation and customisation, Legalesign can support you business no matter your workflow.

Seamlessly Blend Your Legalesign Workspace With Your Brand

Customise every colour in our interface to fit your brand. Plus, upload your logo and send branded emails to your customers straight from Legalesign.

Prepare Documents in Just a Few Clicks.

Choose from loads of predefined fields and validation types, or customise until your hearts content with our feature rich PDF editor.

Keep Track of Your Documents in Real-Time

Keep up to date with all of your documents, and see what needs to get done with listings and live updates, all in one place.

Sign From Anywhere

Send certified PDF's for signing to customers all over the world. Or get documents signed in the field with our offline signing app.

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Market Leaders For Three Years Running

Legalesign is recognised as the best eSignature software for mid-market support and best for customer relationships (G2 Fall Report 2022).

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