Getting Started with Console

Roles and How to Add Participants

The biggest change you’ll notice coming from App1 is that Parties (Signers) are now called Participants and need to be added to a Template before being assigned fields.  

Each Participant has a Role, depending on the type of action they’ll be doing in the document. There are two primary Roles: 

  • Approver 

  • Signer 

Add a Participant by clicking on the + Add Participant button (see label 1 on the diagram below). A document can have up to 99 Participants (and their witnesses). 

On the newly made Participant card, use the dropdown menu (label 2 on the diagram) to select the Role - either Signer or Approver

  • An Approver will need to be assigned at least one field (other than a signature) for a Template to be valid for sending. 

  • A Signer will need at least one Signature field for a Template to be valid for sending. 

A Witness can only be added to a Signer Participant. Add them by clicking the +Add Witness for this Participant button on the last line of a Signer’s card.