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Create a custom signing experience

Signing experiences give you incredibly fine-grained control, right down to a per-signer level, discover more about how to use them in this short video. For example you can create an entirely new brand or use signing experiences to provide different languages to different si…

Get started with the Free Furlough Agreements

This short video shows you how to get started with the Legalesign & APSCo free furlough agreement service. To get started using the service click here. How to use the free furlough agreement service

How to add new users

Adding new team users is usually one of the first tasks to do, this short video shows you how. Screen Recording 2020-07-01 at 04.51 Read more about user management.

How to change personal settings

This short video shows you how to change your preferences on Legalesign. You can set preferences on how you prefer your document listings to appear - whether to show icons only or to show the time since events occurred, for example. In this section, you can also turn off noti…

How to create reminder schedules

Reminder schedules are the most efficient way of ensuring your signatories action your document. Reminder schedules can be set to fit different documents or Parties. Get started quickly by selecting to 'just send' the reminder email and choosing a frequency to send them, e.g.…

How to edit your PDF

A short video tour around the PDF edit page, how to add and amend form fields. Short videos on how to align your fields easily and quickly. Replace checkboxes with dropdown lists. Checkboxes work on paper, but dropdown lists are much better in a digital format. If…

How to position form fields on Legalesign

This short video show you a quick method to get your form fields perfectly aligned on your PDF. Use PDF preview with form fields Use keyboard shortcuts when you have several form fields. Keyboard shortcuts for fields on Legalesign

Instant identity verification using Lexis Nexis IDU

Instantly screen and verify a person's information using Legalesign's integration with LexisNexis IDU identity verification platform. Use the integration to verify a person's information, comply with anti-money laundering, reduce your risk of fraud and create a seamless custome…

Overview - get started with Legalesign

This video gives a general overview of the Legalesign app, watch this video to learn how the app is structured. If you are new to eSignature software you will have no problem understanding the easy to use structure. But if you already using a solution give it an extra cou…

Remove a user and re-assign their documents

Admin users can remove users at any time and re-assign their documents to somebody else. When you remove a user from a team they will immediately lose access to it. You can add that person back to your team at any time, but they will not be re-assigned their documents. Che…

The Dashboard

A short video tour around the dashboard, showing how to use the major features of the app.

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