Getting Started with Console


The Fields page is where you drag and drop fields for the template’s Participants, including the Sender. 

Each Recipient on your template needs to have at least one signature field unless they are an Approver in which case any field will do.  

On the left is the list of field types that can be placed on the template, and on the right is the Settings panel.  

When no field is selected, the Settings panel will show the Template Options menu. Use this to:

  • Rename the template, 

  • Restrict the aspect ratio of signature fields, 

  • Enable Archive after Sending (if it’s a one-time use template). 

When a field is selected, the Settings panel will show the Field Settings menu. This is spilt into three parts: Options, Format, and Advanced.  

The Options menu is used to: 

  • Select the fields Assignee, i.e., which Participant it belongs to. 

  • Select the Field Type

  • Label the field. 

  • Set a validation for the Content Format (e.g. forced case for text entry, automatic date format, number count, Agent App special use fields etc.). 

  • Pre-fill the Content, i.e., enter placeholder information. 

  • Set the field’s Requirement

  • Duplicate a field or press the ‘D’ key on your keyboard. 

  • Delete the field or press the ‘Delete’ key on your keyboard. 


The Format menu dictates: 

  • The Font and Size of field information 

  • Set the Text Alignment

  • Set Border visibility. 

Use the Advanced menu to set: 

  • Field Order, or the ‘signer flow’. 

  • Forms Logic variables including Ref. Name, Link Field, and Link Value

  • Set Exclude from PDF if you don’t want the field to be printed on the final document.