Email placeholders

Placeholders allow you to fill in a lot of signer details without having to individually type them out.

They are like mail merge fields that define where you want a value that will be defined later. You will want to use placeholders for signer names for example.

You can use these placeholders in any email-related text field, simply visit Presets > Experiences and select an Experience to edit, or go to Presets > Email Messages to create a custom default email message which includes placeholders.

Use the following placeholders in emails to signers.  They will be replaced with the correct value when the email is sent out.

  • {{group_name}} - the public name of the group you are sending from

  • {{doc_name}} - the name you give the sent document

  • {{sender_fullname}}

  • {{sender_firstname}}

  • {{sender_lastname}}

  • {{sender_email}}

  • {{signer_fullname}}

  • {{signer_firstname}}

  • {{signer_lastname}}

  • {{signer_email}}

You can also use your own SMTP, although we recommend using the standard Legalesign one for fast and reliability throughout.

We highly recommend using a default personal message commencing Dear {{signer_firstname}} as well as adding more text to the message to improve email deliverability and avoid warnings.