PDF Documents

How to merge PDFs into a single document

After Merging Templates allows you to compose larger Templates by building them out from lots of smaller ones. This can significantly save time that would otherwise be spent preparing and uploading new PDFs.

Select all the required Templates on the Library page. The order they are selected determines their order once merged.

The multi-select taskbar will then appear on the bottom of the screen.

After selecting ‘Merge’, on the taskbar the Merge Templates window will pop-up.

This contains a list of the Templates you are merging, a field to name the new Template, and an option to open the newly merged document once created.

The newly merged Template will be available in your Library and can be sent from the Send page. The original Templates will still be accessible, but can also be Archived to remove them entirely from your Library.

The Multi-Select Taskbar

Other useful multi-select functions include:

· Duplicate – Create new Templates with or without the same fields

· Archive – Remove all selected Templates and place them in your Archive

· Send – Send all selected Templates as multi-doc or as a Batch