Getting Started with Console

The Dashboard

The Legalesign Dashboard lists all your active documents. 

Scroll down or use the Search function at the top of the page to find your document. You can search using a Recipient’s first, or last name, or the name of the document.  

Each document’s card has the following details: 

The Status Indicator is blue for ‘In Progress’, green for ‘Complete’ or red for ‘Rejected’. 

The Progress Bar tracks the progress of Recipients through the Signing/Approval/Witnessing process.       

Click the Recipient Icon to send a Reminder, update a Recipient’s contact details, or reset their fields on a document. 

Hover over the document to reveal a document’s action buttons: 

  • Click Download to save a copy of the completed document to your device. 

  • Mark as Complete completes the document if it hasn’t been fully signed yet. 

  • Archive removes the document from the Dashboard, moving it to the Sent Archive. 

  • View Details opens the document’s details page and Audit Log. 

Click More Options, for two additional functions:   

  • Re-create Send Page reloads the Send page as it was just before the document was sent, allowing the Legalesign user to make changes, and send an updated version of the document.  

  • Remove deletes the (unsigned) document and leaves a record of it in the Sent Archive documents archive. This process cannot be undone, and the draft PDF will be permanently deleted.