Documents Sent For eSignature

Batch Documents Together

When you need to send recipients multiple documents, send them all at once using Batches. This creates a pack (aka envelope) of documents for your recipients.

To create a batch:

1.        Click the Send button on the left of your screen

2.        Select ‘Standard Send’ on the pop-up window

3.        Select all the Templates you need for the Batch (You will be able to add more later)

4.        Click ‘Add Templates’ to visit the Multi-Send options page

5.        Give your Batch a unique name to help find it later

6.        Then click ‘Confirm’

7.        Input all the required sender fields, navigating between Templates using the tabs

8.        Click ‘Save as a Draft’ to save the Batch if you would like to send it again later

9.        Fill in the Recipient details for each Template

When you’re ready just click ‘Send’ to send your Batch out to your Recipients.

Multi-Send Options

The Multi-send Options pop-up allows you to adjust various settings on your Batch experience depending on your requirements.

You can choose ‘Enforce Ordering’ if you require your Participants to sign the documents in a specific order, in which case no one will be able to advance to the next document until all participants have completed the previous document.

The order of the documents is decided by their location on the list of active documents. Dragging and dropping the documents on the list will then change that ordering.

On Multi-send Options you can also determine how the completed documents are emailed to the Sender and Participants.

You may decide Batching isn’t required after all, in which case you can deselect ‘Send as a Batch’ and the grouped documents will all be sent in separate notification emails.

Once a Batch has been sent you will be able to monitor its progress by visiting the ‘Batches’ tab on the Dashboard