PDF Documents

Why Can’t I Upload?

Ensuring a successful upload is essential for the start of any eSignature workflow. However, if things are not going smoothly and you are experiencing issues, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Check the file size is under 40 megabytes (the maximum file size allowed)

  • Save the document as a PDF if it is in a different file format (eg: Microsoft Word)

  • Compress/Optimise the file using an optimiser tool (e.g. Adobe Reader)

  • Reduce the image resolution of any pictures to help reduce the file size

  • Remove any passwords on the PDF (if you can)

  • Clear your browser cookies and log back in

  • Disconnect from any VPNs as they can disrupt network connections and affect file transmission

If problems persist after these steps, please contact the Legalesign support team.

Email support@legalesign.com with a description of the steps you have already tried and attach the problematic file for further assistance.