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A Better Way to Get Documents Sent and Signed

Sending contracts out in the post can be a costly and time-consuming process. The expenses associated with paper, ink, envelopes, and postage fees can quickly accumulate, putting a strain on your budget. Moreover, assembling the physical packages and waiting for postal delivery can lead to delays in getting important documents signed and finalised. By integrating eSignatures into your workflows, you can save time and money.

Reduce Document Errors

Manual data entry and paper-based workflows are prone to errors, which can be costly for both the sender and the signer. Automate the signing process and optimise your workflows.

Boost Client Satisfaction

Delight your clients with a fast, professional signing experience enabling them to sign wherever they are and at a time that suits them.

Simplify the Signing Process

Using eSignatures makes signing documents simple. It reduces the workload for your staff and increases the likelihood of getting a document signed.

Increased Efficiencies

Getting documents signed using Legalesign rather than traditional pen and ink can deliver cost savings across your business. eSignatures eliminate the need for paper, printer ink, envelopes, and postage, significantly reducing your overhead costs. This allows you to direct savings into other areas of your business or the bottom line. You can simplify the document signing process, save time, and enhance efficiency while ensuring the security and legality of your documents.

Save Time, Save Money, Make Money

If your business relies on getting documents signed it is not just the cost of materials you'll save with Legalesign, it is also the time your employees spend putting the packages together and sending them out. Perhaps more important is the time saved it takes your customers and clients to sign and return documents. Faster signing means you get paid faster, deals progress quicker and customers are happier. Your documents can be sent instantly, and recipients can sign them from anywhere at any time.

Cost Calculation

If you need to send a 10 page A4 document in the post it will cost £1.25 to send in the post first class.

And if you need to send 50 documents it will be £62.50. The average cost of printing in black and white is 3p per page, so 10 pages would be 30p, and for 50 documents it would be £15.

In total, sending those 50 documents would cost £77.50.

If you wanted to send by recorded delivery (and why wouldn't you for an important document?) it would be £3.45 per document and £172.50 for 50. Add on printing costs and it is £187.50 to send 50 documents.

If getting documents signed is integral to your business, the cost advantages of Legalesign's eSignature Platform are plain to see.


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