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How to e-sign a document

15 December 2018

E-Signing can get your documents signed blazingly fast. At Legalesign eSignature 50% of documents are signed within the hour. With eSignature you can sign from anywhere, it's more secure than paper signatures and you'll never need to overpay for ink again. Read more...

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How to merge PDFs into a single document

13 December 2018

Using the Legalesign eSignature PDF merge, you can upload multiple documents and combine them together into one PDF. This is a huge time-saver when you have multiple documents for your client and you want to get them signed as one document. Read more...

Image for PDF Certification with LTV for E-signature software

PDF Certification with LTV for E-signature software

5 October 2018

E-signature software talks about PDF ‘certification’ but what is it, and why does it matter? Read our extended article. Read more...

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August update from Legalesign

1 August 2018

What a summer of sun and coding here at Legalesign, upgrades have been hurtling down the pipe. Expect to see all the how-to detail on these features coming to the support portal and other online articles, but read this for the big picture. Read more...

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GDPR Update

16 July 2018

Legalesign has a new portal so customers can meet their obligations as data controllers under GDPR; it includes facilities to provide signers with access to their data, to ensure you stop processing a person’s data, to set data retention policies, and to delete personal data. This article is about how the portal provides you with the facilities to meet the rights of data subjects and anyone who has signed your document with electronic signature. Read more...

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Feature focus - Bulk Send

6 March 2018

This feature focus is on ‘Bulk Send’, one of the most powerful features on the Legalesign Platform. With just a few clicks Bulk Send will send out hundreds or thousands of contracts for e-signature. An essential software for customers who are re-issuing contracts for GDPR. Read more...