Legalesign provides film extras company with secure mobile agreements

Legalesign provides film extras company with secure mobile agreements

September 18, 2019

Being able to access Legalesign’s electronic signature software on a mobile device is crucial for The Extras Dept. and its hundreds of film extras that it works with at any time.

It’s incredible that the agency has more than 20,000 extras on its books and these were used on some of television’s most popular series, including Game of Thrones and Line of Duty, after signing confidentiality agreements with Legalesign.

Emma Sweeney (pictured above), Manager at The Extras Dept., said, “We work with hundreds of extras a day, but they should not be on the film set until they have signed a non-disclosure agreement. With Legalesign’s secure electronic signature we are able to do this on site using iPads within a matter of minutes, ensuring valuable time is not lost.

“For us the beauty of Legalesign is its speed, ease of use, reliability and being able to work paperless. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it as the modern, fast and efficient way of working for businesses that require a fast turnaround of signatures.”

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