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December 13, 2018

How to merge PDFs into a single document

Using the Legalesign eSignature PDF merge, you can upload multiple documents and combine them together into one PDF. This is a huge time-saver when you have multiple documents for your client and you want to get them signed as one document.

For example, accountants at the end of the tax year may need to send multiple documents to a client. But having one signed document makes life a lot easier for both the signatory and the accountant. With the merge function you can drag and drop them all in, click one button to merge them together and they can then be sent out in one shot. Easy. Learn more about eSignature for tax and accountants.

The upload button on the web app's main dashboard is limited to one document at a time. To access advanced functionality go to the Upload PDF page, click on the Doc Options menu heading, then 'Upload PDF'.

On that page tick the option to 'Upload multiple files'. Then drag and drop the PDFs in the order you want them to be merged. Rinse and repeat till they are all uploaded. Then, below the upload window, click 'Append these together'. The new combined document will take on the name of the first PDF, click that name to access its edit page to add your form fields.

You can also use text tagging to add form fields automatically and skip the edit page. If you only need a document approval (and not a signature), you don't even need tags. You can skip straight to the Send page.

Check out our support page on merging PDFs here, or the demo video below:


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