December 12, 2019

Xmos Voice Technology for Alexa

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You might not think of Alexa and Legalesign in the same breath – yet we are proud providers of the e-signature used by Xmos, the technology company that created Alexa’s distinctive voice.

Legalesign stood out from big branded competitors when Xmos researched which company to use for internal e-signings.

Natalie Edwards, XMOS’ Executive Assistant and Office Manager, said,

Our finance manager did a web search and found Legalesign and we signed up for a trial. We quickly saw it was just what we needed, that it was a totally hassle free way of doing it - and pretty instant too.

Our customer services team’s support impressed Natalie. She explains,

The kind of customer service I experienced with Legalesign is something that is becoming quite rare these days, so when you get someone who actually bothers, like Nick who was so patient when I asked the same questions over and over again, it makes a huge impact. This was the complete opposite to what I found with another e-signature provider we were considering. They weren’t personal at all, they were expensive and pushing the money side first, so it just goes to show that when you bother to add value to customers it works better for your business.

It’s really important to keep the finance manager happy in any organisation – and we are delighted to have fulfilled that criteria!

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