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December 12, 2019

Xmos Voice Technology for Alexa

"Legalesign is very easy to use and it’s great being able to track the status of documents online."


  • Hassle free signing

  • Personal guidance

  • 81% turnaround

  • Easy to use

  • Tracking documents

  • Visibility for senior management

  • Flexible pricing models

XMOS, a world leading technology provider of AI voice solutions – it created the voice behind Amazon’s Alexa – uses Legalesign as its preferred provider of e-signature.

The Bristol based company researched other leading suppliers, but chose Legalesign, impressed that its safe, secure and paperless platform providedthe best service and value for money.

Hassle Free & Instant Signing

Natalie Edwards, XMOS’ Executive Assistant and Office Manager, said,

Our finance manager did a web search and found Legalesign and we signed up for a trial. We quickly saw it was just what we needed, that it was a totally hassle free way of doing it - and pretty instant too.

During the trial Natalie required some initial support and was guided by our experienced customer services team. She said,

Nick was brilliant, he ironed out my problems really quickly. It was more about me getting used to the dashboard than anything to do with the software.

Within a month of subscribing to Legalesign XMOS sent 124 employee documents requiring e-signature to its staff, of which 89 were signed – a turnaround of 81 per cent.

Excellent Customer Service

Natalie said,

The kind of customer service I experienced with Legalesign is something that is becoming quite rare these days, so when you get someone who actually bothers, like Nick who was so patient when I asked the same questions over and over again, it makes a huge impact. This was the complete opposite to what I found with another e-signature provider we were considering. They weren’t personal at all, they were expensive and pushing the money side first, so it just goes to show that when you bother to add value to customers it works better for your business.

Easy to Use & Document Tracking

She added,

“Legalesign is very easy to use and it’s great being able to track the status of documents online so you know if someone has downloaded a document and read it, or whether you need to chase someone up. Our chief finance officer likes being able to view folders that have been saved on the platform.

XMOS is now consider exploring other ways the company can use it to save time, money and ensure they work more efficiently.

Natalie said,

I definitely recommend Legalesign. We searched around and were put off by other signature companies that asked for a massive financial commitment upfront - and that’s before you’ve even tried it. I like how Legalesign gave us the chance to try it first and their different pricing terms, depending on what you need.

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