App Features

Legalesign features are designed for and with its business community

For all the information on features go to the Legalesign support articles.

Make the most of e-Signature - Close contracts fast.

  • ✓  Real-time document status updates - see when an email opens, a signers visits the document and then signs
  • ✓  Set up ready-made documents, then send to clients in a matter of seconds
  • ✓  Super easy-to-use interface - evolved over 1000's of studied interactions, intuitive and fast to train others
  • ✓  Responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • ✓  Clear listings - easy monitoring of sent document status
  • ✓  Switch to timeline view for all events as they happen.
  • ✓  Easily forward documents to another signer, optionally allow signer to forward
  • ✓  Signing website guides signer through process to completion
  • ✓  Bulk Send - send a document to hundreds of people in one click
  • ✓  Embed - create an open document people can sign in your website, e.g. timesheets, expenses, events registration

Control - Easy supervision and management.

  • ✓  Stats graphs - see time to sign stats and signings per day stats
  • ✓  Filter listings by last name or email, or by partial matches
  • ✓  Archive all documents into high redundancy storage and search by signing date, email or last name
  • ✓  See full audit trail for document
  • ✓  CC management on signing email alerts

PDF, Word, Text - Quickly add your existing PDF, Word or text documents.

Forms - Full form-filling functionality.

  • ✓  Form inputs available - text, checkboxes, dates, email, yes/no, drop-down list
  • ✓  Form fields for sender - no need to upload new PDF each time, sender adds custom information using form and text fields when sending the document
  • ✓  Create forms for signer - let the signer fill in form details themselves

Single signer, multi-signer, approvals, reviewers - Versatility for all contract signing situations.

  • ✓  One or multiple signers per document
  • ✓  Approvals roles, check and approve a document, with form filling
  • ✓  Reviewer roles, CC in others to review contracts
  • ✓  Batch together documents in bundles
  • ✓  Send to signers simultaneously or in sequence (trigger second signer only after first signer has completed)
  • ✓  Select one or more signing methods as appropriate for your document(s)
  • ✓  Get signature or initials
  • ✓  Optionally allow signer to resize/position signatures (PDF only, excludes touch screen)
  • ✓  Optionally allow signer to re-use signature or force new signatures
  • ✓  Select transparency for signatures or white background and border
  • ✓  Select drawn signature pen diameter, optionally allow signers to select pen diameter
  • ✓  Optionally show a 'reject' option for signers
  • ✓  Define your own agreement statements for non-binding or other circumstances (e.g. in house HR with employees)

Email & Notifications - Email as you want it.

  • ✓  Brand your emails
  • ✓  Select your own subject lines and email text
  • ✓  Optionally attach draft PDF to signer email
  • ✓  Optionally email final PDF to signers
  • ✓  Schedule to send in future
  • ✓  Email bounce notification (plus sender email alert)
  • ✓  Change signer email after sending (immediately revoke ability for previous person to sign)
  • ✓  Quick send reminder emails
  • ✓  Attach extra files to signer emails, for example extra term and conditions of your business
  • ✓  Schedule automated reminder emails, change text based on signer's actions so far
  • ✓  Get notified when signer visits a document

Permissions - Control access and full spectrum of permissions.

  • ✓  Add as many teams users as you need per group. A team user has visibility on all the team activity.
  • ✓  Team user permissions - Admin, Create docs and send, Send only (share uploaded/saved docs, other users sent docs visible), Read only
  • ✓  Add 10 individual users per team (more can be added on demand). Individual users have restricted visibility on team activity.
  • ✓  Individual user permissions - Create docs and send (no other user activity visible), Send only (uploaded/save docs are visible, other users sent docs not visible)
  • ✓  With teams to silo groups of users plus individual permission options within teams, Legalsign provides extensive access control
  • ✓  Apply your company branding to the web application for company users
  • ✓  Security - require your company users reset their passwords periodically
  • ✓  Security - require your company users to have a high password strength
  • ✓  Security - remove user from group and access immediately revoked
  • ✓  Security - two-factor authentication available for strong login security

Scale - Simple to roll out or scale to handle growth or business change.

  • ✓  No limit on users, documents and sending documents within each group
  • ✓  Use groups to segregate users, teams, departments or offices - fit to how your business operates
  • ✓  Supervise your groups by using 'groups network' feature - create a hierarchy so you can supervise all activity from one group

API - Easy programmatic access

  • ✓  RESTful and easy-to-use
  • ✓  Send with 1 API call
  • ✓  Use HTML documents for full document control
  • ✓  Callback notifications upon signing or other events
  • ✓  Test and integrate before subscribing
  • ✓  Embed/iframe funtionality
  • ✓  Explore the API documentation

Want a feature? - ask us. Ask us for a feature if you need it. We could guess what you want, but we'd prefer to discuss it with you first - our development schedule is entirely based on customer demand, so if you want something just ask! Click here for an example.

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