How To Send a Document

In the navbar, click on the to go to the Send page (see step 1 below). For Bulk Send, please look at this article.

Using the dropdown menu, select a document to send (see step 2 below). Edit the title if needed, then click the blue Add document button (see step 3).

Alternatively, if you've just finished setting up a document on the xEdit page, click the green banner above the document preview, labelled 'Valid - Click here to send' (see below).

Once your document has been added, enter the recipient's details, i.e. their name and email.

Additional options:

Icon Name Description
Personal message Add a customised personal message to the email inviting a Party to sign a document.
SMS verification If using 2FA signing add the recipient's phone number.
Get approved after signing Add an Approver for a given Party.
Static email attachments Add an attachment to the notification email inviting the Party to sign.
Automated email reminders Set up a reminder schedule for recipients, to be repeated until they've signed.
CC to Notify and send a copy of the fully signed document to a third party.
(+ Sign Link: Send the initial signing link to a group. Just one needs to sign, once signed the rest are notified that the document is signed and closed.)
Expires Set an expiry date for the document to be signed within.

Finally, the dropdown menu at the very right (see below) allows the Sender to configure Signer Experiences on a per Party level.

Once all recipient details have been entered, click the green Final Step - Create & Send button, and again to confirm, to distribute your document and wait for the signatures to arrive.

To send multiple documents at once, click the blue Add another and repeat the process above. Learn more about batching documents together.