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Search title and tags in Docs

When you search your Documents the search query is made upon each Document's title and tag.

Wildcard '*'

You can use the wildcard character '*' to indicate any match at that point. For example, any Document with a title starting with the letter 'A', you can search with 'A*'.

Order by Name, Tag, Created

Along the top of the Docs table are the headings 'Name', 'Tag', 'Created'. Click those to order by those fields, click again to sort by ascending/descending alternately.


Legalesign uses single-word tags as its folder system for documents.  It's fast to search by tag.

To add a tag to a document, go to your Docs list, click on the ellipses ('...') beside the document title and a input field will appear where you can write your tag.

A tag is a single word and can only have letters or numbers in the a-z or 0-9 range and must be at least 3 letters long. If you write something else the system will attempt to force your tag to fit that pattern.

Press the 'Tag' button to save the new tag. When you refresh the Docs list you will see your tag along the top. Click it to filter for that tag. 


Pinning a document is a handy feature for documents you often use.