Pin documents to your dashboard for fast access

Pinning a PDF document to your dashboard gives you a link in the left hand column to edit or send the document to be signed. The pin document feature is a Legalesign staff favourite for the fast access it provides to either edit or get a document esigned.

This feature is ideal if you are repeatedly sending or editing the same document.

If you are sending out the same document(s) to be signed a lot with some of the same details each time, check out the esignature workflows feature.

To pin a document either go to its edit page, open the "Actions" section (down left column) and click the 'pin' button there. Or you can click the pin symbol alongside each record in your main Doc listings.

The documents you pin are personal to your account only, they are not shared across the team.

Here is a short demo video showing where you can pin and unpin your PDFs, and where they appear on the dashboard.

How to pin a document for easy access - watch on Youtube

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