Where is my document? I have lost my document

If you appear to have lost your document from your main listings it will be in the archive.

On the right hand side of the main group navigation, below the 'Welcome' button in the top right corner, is the Archive button .  

When you click that button you will see several archives. If lost document was from the main sent-document listings, your document will be in the Signed Document Archive. Otherwise it will be in the PDF or Text archive. If you are looking for a batch of documents there is a separate archive for those too.

Your document will probably be listed at the top of the Archive if it is recent, but otherwise you can use the search facility to find it.

You document may have moved to the Archive without you realising it because your PDF is set to auto-archive when sent, or someone accidentally clicked to Archive it, or the system an moved an old signed or rejected document to the archive after several weeks.

If you still cannot find your document please contact support (support@legalesign.com).

This video shows you where the archives are and an example of a search by date.

Searching by filters in the archive - watch on Youtube

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