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Where are documents sent to me or signed by me?

If you have a user account on Legalesign, the system will store documents sent to you or signed by you.

Click the ‘Welcome’ button at the top right of the screen and in the drop-down list select ‘Documents sent to you’.

Here's an image that shows you where, colouring scheme optional:

Where to find document sent to you on Legalesign

If you still don’t see the document there, click on ‘Go to my archive’ at the lower right-hand side of that screen.

With the advent of GDPR the document sender has the right to delete documents (or to do so at your request), subject to various circumstances. Your document may be removed if that has occurred. Always store your own copies of your signed documents.

Here is a picture of the archive, that's pixelated names, in case you were wondering :

Screenshot of document signed by you

If there is still no document, contact us.

The direct web addresses are:

If the document has not been accessed for a long time you may need to wait a short while for archive retrieval.