Getting Started with Console

Swap Versions

Switch to the new version of Legalesign which we’ve built from the ground up to deliver the same robust features with a simpler interface, for an improved user experience, and more efficient document workflows.

You can switch to the new version at any time, but while it’s in beta development you will need to use App1 (legacy app) for more advanced workflows (e.g. Bulk Send).

To switch from App1 to Console:

·      Click on ‘App’ in the top-right corner

·      then click ‘Change version’

·      From there, select ‘v4 'Console'’

·      Click the ‘Change version’ button to be redirected to the new app.


To switch from Console to App1:

·      Click your username in the bottom left corner

·      Then on ‘Switch to App1’

·      From there select ‘v3 'App1'’

·      Click on ‘Change version’,

·      And finally, click ‘Back to teams’ to revert to the legacy app.