You may want to include files with your documents to be viewed or downloaded but not signed. You can add these as Attachments.

You can upload the file directly to your Static Attachments or send it directly from the Send page.

Attachments that have been sent are automatically added to your Attachments library to be available to be sent later.

To upload and send an attachment:

1.        Prepare a Template and visit the Send page.

2.        Choose a Recipient.

3.        Click ‘Options’ on their Recipient Card.

4.        Click ‘Attachments’.

5.        Click to Upload the New Attachment.

A pop-up will then appear to allow the user to upload an attachment.

1.        Click the pop-up window to browse your device for a file.

2.        Or drag and drop a file directly from your device.

3.        You can also add a file description if you intend to reuse it.

4.        Click ‘Create Attachment’ to confirm your choice.

5.        Continue preparing and then send the document.