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Set a default personal message when sending documents

Adding personal messages for your signers is important, improving the deliverability of the email as well as ensuring your customers have a friendly and personalised experience. This article explains how to set up saved emails.

To create a default personal message, go to Admin>Saved emails. You need admin permissions.

To set a personal message to default, create and save a personal message and then tick the 'default' option, this personal message will now be selected every time a document is sent.

To customise your messages by documents, make the message name exactly the same name of your PDF docs you will send. This will be picked up by the system and replace the main default message.

Placeholders can be used in conjunction with personal messages, see a list of available placeholders.

Once you have a few message set up, these can be selected from within the personal message section below each signer on the Send Page.

This video show you how to create a default message, and where it is located on the Send Page:

If you don't use a personal message gmail generates a warning in its browser web app.

Setting a default message when sending a document for e-signature on Youtube