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What's the difference between eSignature and Digital Signature


February 26 2013

Answer by Ben posted to Stackoverflow (, reproduced below. Read more...

Top 5 internet resources for a new tech venture in Edinburgh


January 21 2013

* E-club. The Edinburgh Entrepreneurship Club. An offshot of the University of Edinburgh business school, hosts excellent talks, events and networking year round. * TechCube. New but quickly estab… Read more...

Image for Legalesign vs Docusign vs Echosign

Legalesign vs Docusign vs Echosign

January 16 2013

Not often a single software simultaneously hits the two big wins: to improve customer experience and drive internal efficiency. E-signature agreement software like Legalesign, Docusign and Adobe Sig… Read more...

eSignature solutions driving large savings across enterprise.


January 11 2013

<blockquote>The savings that can be obtained with implementing an <a href="" target="_blank">e-signature solution</a> can be significant…Esignature ‘The missing link’… Read more...

Image for The view of Edinburgh from Legalesign offices

The view of Edinburgh from Legalesign offices


January 9 2013

A beautiful morning view from where we work at You can see Edinburgh castle on the left horizon, that dome in the foreground is McEwan Hall, below us is the roof of the University of… Read more...