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May 17, 2024

What is Linked Recipients

Linked recipients is the feature that batch and multi-document workflow users have been waiting for. Enter recipient contact details once, to go everywhere.

Preparing batches can be time-consuming if each document has even only one party. Linked Recipients simplifies this process, eliminating the inconvenience of entering the names and email addresses of each signer on every document.

Learn what Linked Recipients is, how it works, and how it makes sending documents safer, easier, and faster.

What is Linked Recipients?

Linked recipients is a single pane where you can input contact details for several documents simultaneously. When you are ready to send, simply use the ‘Link Recipients’ option to input recipients' details and assign those details across documents, enabling you to coordinate contact details for recipients of a multi-document batch in just a few seconds.  


Learn how to use Linked Recipient here

Benefits of Using Linked Recipients

Speed Up Document Preparation

Many businesses handle documents involving multiple parties or need to send large volumes of documents regularly. With Linked Recipients, once you have set up your recipient list, preparing a batch of documents takes just a few seconds.

Enhance Accuracy and Compliance

Manual data entry increases the chances of mistakes such as typos or incorrect email addresses. The same data is replicated across the batch without the need for re-entry, ensuring that each document party is assigned to the right recipient.

Better User Experience

Linked Recipients is not just about efficiency; it also enhances the user experience. Preparing documents can be time-consuming, and this feature eliminates a tedious and repetitive task.

What Benefits from Linked Recipients?

  • Legal Documents: Legal contracts and agreements are signed by parties on time to meet their compliance deadlines and reduce administrative workload.

  • HR Documents: Quickly send large volumes of candidate and employee documents for a smoother and more accurate onboarding process.

  • Corporate Approvals: Streamline internal approvals for business operations, where multiple levels of management or departments need to sign off.

  • Real Estate Transactions: Coordinate the signing process in real estate deals where buyers, sellers, and agents need to sign documents in a particular sequence.

  • Financial Documents: Send batch invoices, compliance documents, or financial agreements faster, increase deal closure rates, and get paid more.

Linked recipients is a great shortcut for Legalesign power users. For more information on how Linked Recipients can benefit your business, contact us.


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