November 29, 2018

Three eSignature Stats That Will Amaze You

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Wet ink inscription goes back, amazingly, all the way to the 25th Century BC. But the digital tide is rising and the wet ink signature is now being replaced with eSignature. If you rue for your trusty Montblanc fountain pen, here are 3 amazing results from Legalesign eSignature that may make you think twice.

Go green whilst you eSign

Since starting Legalesign our customers have sent around 2,500,000 documents! The average length of those documents is 5 pages which equates to 12,500,000 sheets of paper saved. A tree can produce 8,500 sheets of paper and so that’s 1,470 trees! What do 1,000 trees look like? It just so happens the architects at Heatherwick Studio have planted 1,000 trees around a development in Shanghai: Source

Save YEARS of waiting time

Last month 81.2% of documents sent to be e-signed through Legalesign were completed within 24 hours. For 2,500,000 documents, and assuming a 3 day wait to receive a wet ink signed document, Legalesign's lower transaction time saved some 97,440,000 hours, 4,060,000 days, or 11,123 years. Going back that far gets us to 9,105BC, around the same era as the domestication of the cat!

Cut your costs

Lets imagine we posted out those 2,500,000 documents. That's 25,000 reams of paper at £3 each, 2,500,000 stamps at £0.62 pence and 12,500,000 printed sheets of paper at 0.02p each (although this can vary wildly according to the printer you used to use), adding up to a whopping £1,875,000. Ink, stamps, paper, postage, and courier charges add up, and by cutting that out you save a decent chunk of change!

Thanks for reading

1,470 trees, 11,123 years and £1,875,000. Thanks for reading our bite-size list of three eSignature stats that will amaze you. Hopefully, we've shown you just how valuable taking the signing process digital can be and the imminent end of wet ink isn't as bad as all that.

Check out the Legalesign Free Trial, and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch and ask us.

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