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April 6, 2023

Legalesign Q1 ’23 G2 Review Awards

G2 have released their Q1 2023 roundup of reviews and once again we’re delighted to announce that Legalesign have received awards badges in several eSignature provider categories.

Released quarterly, the G2 reviews help users pick the right software for their use-case in a competitive market through unbiased, independent feedback. But for us, they also serve as a chance to make sure we’re on track with our goals of providing excellence in our software and service, as a secure on-hand eSignature partner for businesses.

What’s New?

We last recapped Legalesign’s G2 performance back in October with the Q3 (Fall) ’22 roundup where we maintained our various High Performer badges, along with our Best Support for Mid-Market award.

We’ve always prioritised supporting our customers, viewing our service as a partnership with the flexibility to suit their business needs. In that sense, it’s great to see our Team’s dedication to a customer-centric approach recognised in the High Performer categories.

This time around, we’ve gained a new award too, earning the ‘Momentum Leader’ badge in the eSignature category. Of course, we’re delighted at this latest accolade, but you might be wondering what a Momentum Leader is (at least some of us in the office were), so we’ll explain.

Momentum Leader

Those of you who’ve been following Legalesign closely over the past year have probably noticed we’ve welcomed some new faces to our team and have been more active in our online presence. Our marketing department has grown, we’ve added more designers to our tech team, expanded our customer support and we’re still recruiting! On top of that, we’ve also seen an increase in our reviews across multiple platforms (all positive too!).

This progress is what has earned us the Momentum Leader award in the eSignature category on G2, and it’s great to see our efforts being reflected in our reviews and subsequent awards. But our momentum isn’t solely in pursuit of the G2 awards, there are some exciting things on the way.

What’s Next?

Legalesign began in 2012, built as a platform to reduce bottlenecks in the approvals process for projects requiring the approval of multiple signatories. Since then, we’ve worked hard to expand our platform’s capabilities and keep it flexible to the needs of any business. For all the constant refinement going on behind the scenes, we’ve had the same front end to our website and our app for many years now.

That’s why for over a year we’ve been hard at work designing, workshopping, refining and redesigning a brand-new front end to both our app and our website. Under the hood, the core platform functionality will remain the same, but our new look will place an emphasis on a cleaner, more modern user experience.

We’re still putting the final touches on both the website and our app, but you can expect to see the new look Legalesign in your eSignature workflow in the coming months.

For more information on how Legalesign’s award winning eSignature platform can help your business execute agreements faster get in touch today.


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