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January 9, 2020

Legalesign kick starts 2020 with #1 ranking in UK and Europe

Legalesign kicks off 2020 as lead providers of electronic signature in the UK and joint top in Europe, latest figures from the G2 market comparison website shows, the leading global comparison site for electronic software.

Its winter report puts Legalesign, based in Cambridge, way ahead of rival big name competitors and is a fantastic testament to Legalesign’s quality product and the service provided by its professional and dedicated team. G2 is recognised by the software industry for its genuine peer-to-peer reviews and detailed feedback that can influence potential new clients.

Legalesign scored joint 94% top ranking for satisfaction in the European chart and 92% in the UK, while some of the big well-known brands trailed way behind.

CEO Ben Eliott said,

What a fantastic way to start the new year. We remain committed to maintaining this great result throughout 2020 and continuing to deliver the best service to help business and profits grow. I would like to thank our clients for posting their terrific reviews on the influential G2 esignature comparison platform which enabled us to achieve this lead position in the UK and Europe.

Legalesign’s electronic signature software is used by legal firms, insurance companies, property firms, recruiters, accountants, local government and government bodies. It provides a quick, safe and environmentally friendly paperless way for smart businesses to sign contracts and agreements, saving considerable time and money and enabling business seeking to go carbon neutral to take a significant step forward in that direction.

Legalesign was founded by Ben who has 20 years experience in software development and holds an MBA from the University of Edinburgh where he wrote his dissertation on electronic signature, its legal basis in the UK and how it can deliver value for enterprise. Read more about Legalesign.

Ben added,

We believe Legalesign’s customer focus and wide-ranging features delivers value, meets all our clients expectations – and more. Our software enables clients to track documents, bulk send and adhere to privacy and GDPR compliance. We also customise our services to meet our clients’ personal requirements and constantly look at new ways to develop even more features to stay ahead in our field. At the end of the day, that is what we are tested on, as well as our personal customer service approach which we know is always greatly valued.

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