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Legalesign's security and compliance led approach make it a strong platform for public services. Legalesign is a Crown Commercial Supplier and can be procured through the Government's procurement portal, the Digital Marketplace (more information below).

Besides the benefits of going paperless, public agencies can deliver large cost savings and productivity benefits using e-signature. Either on an ongoing basis for example by using the platform for user registrations, NDAs, contractor agreements, amongst many others, or equally over a short-term for specific projects. For example, Legalesign's bulk send is a highly efficient and cost effective solution for mass contract re-issuence, perhaps due to regulatory or compliance change.

A key benefit is that Legalesign's highly versatile platform can be semi-customised for specific use-cases. Contact us for more information.

The Digital Marketplace lists software that is readily available for public sector procurement. It provides a solid legal foundation and pre-completed due diligence by sellers. Click here for Legalesign on the Digital Marketplace.

The eSignature Process
ISO 27001 Certified Crown Commercial Supplier Advanced Electronic Signature
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"After frustrating trials with a number of electronic signature providers, including some of the best-known names in the field, we finally found a product which offered all the features we wanted and the flexibility we needed at a realistic price. Legalesign was immediately easy to use and the development team provided exceptional levels of support to help us achieve rapid integration with our bespoke, in-house software. As a result, we were able to implement our full solution for generating and managing complex multi-party contracts very quickly and keep several business-critical projects on track. Feedback from end-users has been very positive, as this not only saves a great deal of time but also provides absolute clarity and assurance throughout the process. The ease with which we can now make updates to key legal documents means that this is no longer a bottleneck in our development process, enabling us to focus on our real work! Carl D, NHS CCG