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Transparency and Accountability - Data Protection You Can Depend On.

Data comes with serious responsibilities. Data privacy and information security are now essential parts of any modern business, building trust for your clients. Our partnership approach is about having an open and accountable relationship with customers for better data governance.

The world is waking up to the importance of data and the responsibilities of those who hold it. At the same time, data is localising, with rules and regulations arising in different jurisdictions. Our partnership approach is about having an open and accountable relationship with customers for better data governance.

"Data protection and freedom of information are two sides of the same coin. At their core, they are both about transparency and accountability."
Elizabeth Denham, former UK Information Commissioner
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eSignature That Scales With You; Customer-Centric Development

Get flexibility from your eSignature provider and keep your business agile. Our platform handles everything from complex workflows to thousands of day-to-day tasks. We constantly revise, refine and improve our product so our customers enjoy real-world tested software that works just the way it should.

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Keep Your Business Moving. Award-Winning Customer Support.

eSignature solutions that fit your business. We know that contract solutions are a critical part of any business, so our responsive support team are there when you need them.

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Forward-Thinking Strategy, Future-Proof Technology.

The modern business environment moves fast, and you need a digital signature provider that keeps pace with it. Legalesign is designed for flexibility and built for the future. Our dynamic electronic signature platform constantly evolves, so when the market, regulations and technology move forwards, you're still out in front.

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Flexible Plans for Every Business

Adaptable pricing means you only pay for add-ons you use. Get unlimited eSignatures (within fair use) on all our major plans, and only upgrade when it helps your bottom line.

When's The Time to Sign?

Our analysis of the previous 100,000 documents sent through Legalesign looks at the best time to send and follow up documents and when people are most likely to sign.

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Test Automation Through API for Free.

We're always looking to improve, and we know our clients are too. That's why all automation testing through API is free, helping you to innovate.

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