Get an accountable eSignature provider for important contract data.

G2 ranks Legalesign as the best eSignature software, anywhere, for customer relationships. (G2 is the main market comparison website)

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A better approach for data protection. Supplier transparency and accountability.

The world is waking up to the importance of data, and the responsibilities of those who hold it. At the same time data is localising, with rules and regulations arising in different jurisdictions. Our partnership approach is about having an open and accountable relationship with customers for better data governance.

"Data protection and freedom of information are two sides of the same coin. At their core, they are both about transparency and accountability." Elizabeth Denham, UK Information Commissioner
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Gain in business flexibility and stay agile. Customer-led development.

The app can scale up and down, handle a myriad of workflows and has thousands of small features to smooth daily workflows. This is a result of customer-led development. We work with our customers to constantly and iteratively improve what we offer, even daily. Customers get a real-world tested software that just works for their daily business needs.

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Keeps your business moving fast. Strong on Customer service.

With customers at the core of our business, customer support is important to us. Read through our reviews on G2 and you'll see support consistent referred to as a key benefit of using Legalesign. On quality of support Legalesign gets 9.8. Since contracts are usually a business critical function having good support and a responsive supplier is a key benefit of using Legalesign.

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Partnership for changing times. Look to next year and the year after...

While buying eSignature software meets your needs today, your business, the market, regulations and technology are constantly shifting. In fact that change is inevitable. Legalesign is not tied to a particular technology, it abstracts the 'what' and 'how' away from customers so they are not locked in, getting the best digital contract signing and approvals process through whatever change occurs.

Why use Legalesign?

Pricing to match your needs

Unlimited eSignatures, pay only for more features so you can tailor to your own ROI,
and only upgrade when it improves your bottom line.

(* unlimited excludes automated features such as Bulk Send, embedded documents and API)

When is the best time to follow up your leads and customers?

This analysis across the last 100,0000 documents on Legalesign looks at the best to send and follow up, and when people are most disposed to signing a contract.

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Three tips on when to seal the deal
Feature Update | Legalesign API Sandbox

Automating systems through the API can be tested for free.

Over time you may want to improve your automation and integrate between systems. When that time comes our free API trial is on hand.

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