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May 18, 2016

15 minute candidate registration time for Ackerman Pierce


  • 15 minute candidate registration time

  • Significant increase in new candidate conversion rates

  • 90% reduction in paper and ink costs

The Company

Ackerman Pierce is a nationwide highly respected recruitment company specialising in social care. Their reputation has gone from strength to strength because of their dedication to developing the optimal candidate registration process and at the same time ensuring that all agents have detailed knowledge of their specific fields. Ackerman Pierce runs it business based on core company values: respect, smile, integrity, safeguarding and hard work

Before Legalesign

In recruitment, a good candidate is gold dust and a recruitment company must do everything it can to keep a candidate from going elsewhere and to make sure he or she is available for employment as soon as possible. That means getting candidate registration complete in one go and on the first visit.

The amount of information needed for a candidate registration is extensive and requires a 15 page long pack for the candidate to complete. These packs were emailed to the candidate who needed to print, sign and scan it. This meant whenever a pack was incomplete or incorrectly completed it would need to be sent out again, printed again, scanned again. This led to frustration on the part of the candidate and resulted in long delays and lost candidates.

Choosing Legalesign

Sabrina, head of administration at Ackerman Pierce, was tasked with finding an e-Signature solution for her company.

She said,

We tried all the e-Signature providers, including Adobe’s eSign and DocuSign just to name a few and found that Legalesign not only offered the easiest system to use but also had the best contract management system on the market!

How Legalesign improved the signing process

One of the key requirements for the digital signature software that Ackerman Pierce would select was how it changed and improved candidate registration. With Legalesign the process has been transformed: not only are candidates lead through the registration one stage at a time but staff at Ackerman Pierce can see a list of fields illustrating which have been completed. This oversight of the process by Ackerman Pierce means they can actively provide effective help to the candidate; giving them more control and insight to the progression of candidate registration. Using Legalesign has not just decreased the average registration time but has also cut the number of lost candidates, improving fundamental KPIs for the business


Since implementing Legalesign’s e-Signature solution in October 2015 Ackerman Pierce has seen a stunning increase in the efficiency of its candidate registration process leading to growth and increased revenue for the business. Not only has average registration time dropped by 50%, but conversion rates have shot up with the majority of new candidates rapidly available for placements. Finally, not only does the system look and work better for clients and candidates, but by choosing the environmentally friendly option and removing the need for printing and paper, Ackerman Pierce has become a greener business as well as a more efficient and successful one.

Download the case study here: Achieving a 15 minutes registration time for Ackerman Pierce with Legalesign e-Signature software

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