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Image for Oh node you don't. Electronic Signature Node API Library.

Oh node you don't. Electronic Signature Node API Library.

March 9 2016

Open-source Electronic Signature Node.js library is available for Legalesign API - thank you Marcus! Read more...

Image for Electronic Signature PHP Library - thank-you CodeDay

Electronic Signature PHP Library - thank-you CodeDay

March 7 2016

Our friends at CodeDay have open-sourced the e-Signature PHP library they wrote to integrate with Legalesign - check it out. Read more...

Image for How to customise your dashboard on Legalesign eSignature

How to customise your dashboard on Legalesign eSignature


June 12 2015

When you join Legalesign you start with a default theme however you can customise your dashboard to reflect your corporate colours or any colour you like. There are several ways to set up a custom c… Read more...

Image for e-Signature API documentation updated

e-Signature API documentation updated


March 3 2015

All new <a href="" target="_blank">eSignature API documentation</a> Documentation on the Legalesign API system is full and complete and incl… Read more...

PDF Certification for E-signature


November 24 2014

We’re pleased to release PDF Certification for executed documents on Legalesign. Certification is optional, but we recommend using it in addition to standard Legalesign Validation. New groups creat… Read more...

e-Signature for Property Lettings


November 10 2014

Lettings agents can use Legalesign <a href="" target="_blank">eSignature for Property</a> to significantly ease the burden of gaining agre… Read more...

Change the aspect ratio of signatures or initials


July 8 2014

Better final PDFs to look exactly the way you want. Signatures and initials now exactly fit the signing area on your PDF. Previously we had a default aspect ratio for signatures and initials that cou… Read more...

Are digital signatures legal (UK)?


July 5 2014

Esign at the UK High Court (England & Wales). A development in esign legal history occurred at the UK (England & Wales) high court. You can read the <a href="… Read more...

Search the document timeline


May 23 2014

Search The Timeline

e-Signatures Basecamp integration with Legalesign


May 8 2014

Integrate with Basecamp

Real-time e-Signature status for API


April 29 2014

The Legalesign API includes a notification system to send you updates when a document is visited, or signed. Currently you can get an update on everything that has happened in the last six minutes, e… Read more...

Zapier and Legalesign e-Signature


April 28 2014

Legalesign is now integrated with Zapier enabling you to connect with 100’s of your favourite apps with just a few clicks. FreeAgent, Basecamp, Highrise, Gmail, Evernote, Mailchimp, to name but a few… Read more...