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May 16, 2024

Update News V1.4.0

This week's feature updates on Legalesign Beta

We are excited to introduce several feature updates and improvements in this week's release:

Custom Zoom Level

Custom zoom level means that you can now use the  + and - buttons and fit to height or width in the Console editor. We've improved the compatibility with this for people who use the browser accessibility settings (people who need the font and content to be much larger) to make the Console editor as user friendly as possible.

Document Fitting

Opening a template now defaults to the document width, so that users can easily see small inputs like checkbox fields as easily as possible.


The hot keys Control + Up Arrow and Control + Down Arrow on Windows or Cmd + Up Arrow and Cmd + Down Arrow on Mac lets you quickly change the zoom level in the Console editor.

Undo Feature Added

The undo feature was added in the bottom toolbar of PDF edit so you can now easily reverse your last action with a single click.

Notification Reduced to Minimum Levels

Notifications have been moved from the top right (where they were permanent) to the bottom left of the screen, where they now appear for only a few seconds. This is a temporary measure to reduce disruptions for users until we create a notification centre.

Upload Optimisation

The uploading process has been significant sped up for a better user experience.


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