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May 30, 2024

Update News V1.4.2

We are excited to introduce several feature updates and improvements in this week's release.

Feature Updates

Audit Log PDF Download

A new update to download a document's history as recorded in its audit log.

Contact Book on Send

Easily send documents to people you have added to your contact book or have sent documents to before. You can search using their name or email.


Optimised Large PDF Rendering

Large documents now load faster on the Edit page.

Simplified Onboarding Steps

The updated account registration process is easier and quicker with fewer details asked, more refined choices available, and more.

Download Options on the Details Page

Previously, the document and its attached audit log are downloaded together. Users now have the option to download the audit log separately as a PDF.

Thank you for using Legalesign Beta. We are dedicated to continuously enhancing your experience with these features updates and improvements.


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