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Are digital signatures legal (UK)?

July 5 2014

Esign at the UK High Court (England & Wales). A development in esign legal history occurred at the UK (England & Wales) high court. You can read the <a href="… Read more...

Search the document timeline

May 23 2014

Search The Timeline

e-Signatures Basecamp integration with Legalesign

May 8 2014

Integrate with Basecamp

Real-time e-Signature status for API

April 29 2014

The Legalesign API includes a notification system to send you updates when a document is visited, or signed. Currently you can get an update on everything that has happened in the last six minutes, e… Read more...

Zapier and Legalesign e-Signature

April 28 2014

Legalesign is now integrated with Zapier enabling you to connect with 100’s of your favourite apps with just a few clicks. FreeAgent, Basecamp, Highrise, Gmail, Evernote, Mailchimp, to name but a few… Read more...

Update for quicker signing

April 24 2014

Document completion just became better for signers. Signing methods are now contained within popover boxes just like text inputs. No longer will e-signing methods have a separate display area. This … Read more...

Send a contract to signatories in sequence

March 19 2014

Did you know about sequential notification and signing

How to handle text that is part of the contract terms

March 18 2014

On a PDF you can define text sections for a signer to complete. This text could either be connected with the terms of the document or not - e.g. the signer ticking a checkbox to confirm they have re… Read more...

Easy management with new groups hierarchy feature

March 10 2014

We’re pleased to release the first of a series of upgrades that will give you significantly more power from deploying groups. You can now create a network hierarchy between groups (i.e. parent/chil… Read more...

Follow up an e-Signature request automatically

October 28 2013

Follow-ups are here - scheduled reminder emails to signers. This is a feature we’ve been keen to implement for a while and which has been pushed up the development list by popular demand. With follo… Read more...

API status - know PDF is certified and ready to download over the API

July 15 2013

Legalesign API now includes ways to be 100% confident the final PDF is ready for download. Theoretically there can be a lag between signing and PDF creation. To date the API has indicated a documen… Read more...

Document collaboration between groups

June 17 2013

Finally, template sharing between groups is here. This feature helps you scale out your use of groups: <a href="… Read more...