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  • Webhook HMAC Verification

    To date, webhook data has been signed using a private/public key. Customers can use the public key (as an X509 certificate) to verify webhook data sent to them. If this is not suitable, we now also offer HMAC based verification.

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  • Custom domains

    Improvement to white-labelling features. Custom domains can now be used for signing links. Recipients go to a subdomain of our customer's domain, e.g.

  • Apikey and Webhook Controls Now on the API Dashboard

    The new Config tab on the API Dashboard enables you to view and refresh your API key, and control your webhooks. Everything you need for API is now in one place. We took the opportunity to require API Key holders to have 2FA, a change we're sure our security-conscious API community will welcome.

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  • New Updates Page!

    New updates page published! We look forward to adding details of new updates and releases henceforth. If you would like to join the beta release for any products please let us know. Beta tester or not, if you're a Legalesign user and have any feedback then let us know - it's a key component of our development cycle and it will be influential.

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