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Millions of signed, witnessed and approved documents for organisations of all sizes are securely completed and managed through Legalesign’s software and API.

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A comprehensive, feature complete and fully brandable eSignature App with remarkable ROI for any business. Always secure and scalable, no matter your teams needs.

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Same Reliable Legalesign. All New Upgraded System and Interface

Your brand new Legalesign experience is coming soon.


Electronic Signature Software that Moves with You

With hundreds of possibilities for document preparation, validation and customisation, Legalesign can support you business no matter your workflow.

Upload Anything

With our handy CloudConvert integration, Legalesign allows you to upload almost any file type and automatically converts it into a PDF ready for sending.

Customise Until Your Hearts Content

With hundreds of possibilities for document preparation, validation and customisation, Legalesign can support you business no matter your needs.

Send Documents Your Way

Send to the right people at the right time. Set conditional settings based on your business workflows, and even send 1000s of documents in a single click with our powerful Bulk Send feature.

Track Every Step of the Process with Live Updates

Keep track of document progress with live updates on the listings page, and see every move your customers make with our comprehensive audit trail.


Powerful Built-in Tools for

File Management
Document Tracking
Customisation & Branding
Automation & Sending
Complex Workflows
Comprehensive Forms

Legalesign eSignature software has been designed to work for you and your customers, intuitively, easily and quickly. Our design philosophy and agreement process automation gets your tasks done with the least clicks and hassle, while creating a scaleable and comprehensive business-ready platform.


Stable & Reliable, Easy-to-use API

Legalesigns RESTful API is accessible online using any language with a https library. All the functions of Legalesign are accessible through the API; you can use one function, or fully integrate and never visit the Legalesign website. Your choice.

Feature Rich

Signatories, Approvers, Witnesses? We've got you. On-the-fly docs with HTML, or use powerful PDF text tagging for customisable PDF sending.


Easy to use REST API. Stable and reliable in state and in pricing. Utilise webhooks to give your customers real-time notifications


Scale with Legalesign teams and give customers all the features immediately with accounts in the web app, until you get them coded.

5★ Customer support

Don't Just Take it From Us

We work with our customers and focus on systems for the real-world, that can adapt to our customers' changing needs while being stable in the fast-moving tech world. Ideal for growing businesses.

“The flexibility to offer an electronic signature service has been an instant hit, and the tailored approach used by Legalesign means we’ve been able to provide greater accessibility for customers of The Cambridge. Utilising a digital space to share signed documentation safely means we’re able to track letters and forms, we can quickly send follow-up and reminder messages, and the secure delivery of Product Switch forms is vitality important for us.”

Andy Fowler

Mortgage Adviser, Cambridge Building Society

"Using Legalesign is an easy way of having secure and professional contracts or documents sent to clients. On top of that, we have the Salesforce integration that helps speed our registration process as all the information is automatically transferred to each account.”

Diana Cracea

Software Systems Administrator, Futurelink Group

“Reduced admin time by at least 50% and increased tracking efficiency by 75% with this software.”


S&T Fraternity Management

"The kind of customer service I experienced with Legalesign is something that is becoming quite rare these days, so when you get someone who actually bothers, like Nick who was so patient when I asked the same questions over and over again, it makes a huge impact. This was the complete opposite to what I found with another e-signature provider we were considering. They weren’t personal at all, they were expensive and pushing the money side first, so it just goes to show that when you bother to add value to customers it works better for your business."

Natalie Edwards

Executive Assistant and Office Manager, XMOS

“[Legalesign] is incredibly easy to use being intuitive and has resulted in us receiving signed documentation much faster than our previous “archaic” process. We have been able to track prospects behaviours, with regards to viewing and opening the proposals. We have also had great feedback from prospects, who find the tool really easy to use and have found the tool greatly reduces the initial barrier of working with us. The support team are also great if you do have any random questions. Would highly recommend the platform.”

Jason Cooper

Sales, GrantTree

"After frustrating trials with a number of electronic signature providers, including some of the best-known names in the field, we finally found a product which offered all the features we wanted and the flexibility we needed at a realistic price. Legalesign was immediately easy to use and the development team provided exceptional levels of support to help us achieve rapid integration with our bespoke, in-house software. As a result, we were able to implement our full solution for generating and managing complex multi-party contracts very quickly and keep several business-critical projects on ...

Carl D


"Started using Legalesign in March 2020 to allow for business continuity when working from home but requiring signatures. The system is easy to use, and any issues are always quickly resolved by the customer support team. We now use the software across departments, covering multiple document workflows."

Rebecca Scott

Procurement, Dumfries & Galloway Council

"It’s easy to use and the customer service throughout has been excellent. Using Legalesign gives confidence in their secure, well-organised process that functions well when working remotely and allows records to be easily located. The management database is also very useful, especially when there are multiple users. It is beneficial to have oversight of all documents that have been sent to signature to avoid overlap and to track documents in case of someone’s absence. We download the documents from the central database to our own network and have reduced the central database retention period t...

Jane McKeown

Senior Legal Counsel, Lothian Pension Fund

No.1 in customer relationship across eSignature Companies. Legalesign is recognised as the best eSignature software for mid-market support and best relationship worldwide, 3 years running.

via G2 Fall Report 2022


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Millions of signed, witnessed or approved documents for organisations of all sizes - from startups to enterprise - are securely managed through Legalesign’s software and API.


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