eSignature for Conveyancing

Legalesign is at the forefront of UK eSignature and eWitnessing. Organisations have sent millions of documents using Legalesign's robust feature-set that covers all contract and approval scenarios

Faster Agreements for When It Matters Most

Solicitors are leveraging electronic signature technology to deliver a fast and improved client user experience through a more accessible, paperless, and less time-consuming process. Additionally, solicitors benefit from greater oversight & control of the conveyancing process, increased data security and, satisfyingly, a decrease in direct cost

How Conveyancer-Certified eSignatures Works?

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Contracts and Agreements

Buyers and sellers can electronically sign sales contracts, making the process faster and more convenient. Signing lease agreements electronically can simplify the process for both landlords and tenants.

Disclosure Forms

Conveyancers often deal with disclosure forms that require signatures. Using eSignatures can speed up the completion of these forms.

Property Transfer Documents

Documents related to the transfer of property ownership, such as transfer deeds, can be signed electronically

Convenience for Clients

Clients can sign important documents at their convenience from any location. This eliminates the need for clients to travel to a physical location to sign paperwork, saving time and effort. This flexibility is beneficial for clients with busy schedules or those in different time zones. This can lead to faster transaction times, reducing the overall duration of the conveyancing process

Excellent Customer Experience

Users can sign from any device with an internet connection. No requirement for printer, scanner and ink. Guided form completion and signing, lowering error rates

Only Platform aligned with UK eWitness Regulations

Legalesign is a proven application that is scalable, adaptable and immediately available. In comparison with other platforms, witnesses are restricted to signing pages only with no access to the final documents

Certified PDFs

Tamper-proof Certified PDFs with long-term validation (LTC) are generated using hardware security modules (HSMs), for the highest level of contract integrity

Certified ISO 27001 & Cyber Essentials Plus

ISO 27001 ensures Legalesign deploys best practice in information security for data protection, as well as a continuous improvement process, which is externally audited. Certified since 2015. GDPR Ready & Cyber Essentials Plus Certified.

High Level of Compliance

Clients benefit from the legal validity of conveyancing-certified eSignatures. eSignatures are legally recognised in UK Law since 2002. Their legal status was reinforced further by the EU's eIDAS Regulations in 2016 (UK eIDAS since Brexit). In 2000, the U.S. government approved the ESIGN Act, which allows legally binding documents to use eSignatures if all parties agree

Enhanced Security

Legalesign incorporate user authentication, audit trails and access control to enhance security. Legalesign has been ISO 27001 certified since 2016. Additionally, Legalesign Certified PDF with LTV, gives users a long-term stamp of confirmation that affirms the integrity of their document. Legalesign is certified Cyber Essentials Plus, a UK Government approved certification to give public services confidence that their software providers are built to withstand attacks

Add eWitnessing

eWitnessing is a key feature of Legalesign’s eSignature software that enables users of the software to arrange and control the execution of deeds and agreements. Developed in accordance with Law Society guidance and HM Land Registry, the witness must be physically present and fulfil a two-step verification

Why use Legalesign

With traditional transactions frequently compromised by the involvement of multiple parties and sometimes reliant on multiple chains, any action which accelerates the process will ultimately result in more opportunities being closed. Electronic signatures can be actioned remotely and, as a result, lower the time spent waiting for the parties involved. This increases completion rates and reduces the administrative load when compared with wet signatures

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