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January 9, 2013

eSignature for Business: Legalsign Public beta released

We’re pleased to report Legalesign is now in public beta. With the free trial on Legalesign anyone can sign up and try it out in just a few minutes. Legalesign is an online e-signing service, you can use it to get contracts signed and customer forms completed.

E-signature is a straightforward way for a business to instantly increase profits and improve customer experience. Sending out and managing agreements is made extremely simple, it saves large amounts of staff time, and customers love you for the ease you can get the contract process done.

Legalesign is different because it is focused on the lifetime cost of e-signature to business. eSign is not just about eSignatures, but about how using an eSign software is delivered for business and how that delivers sustained value over time.

Ben Eliott, MD of Legalesign said,

We’re in beta and still have many features coming down the track, but the core service now can deliver considerable savings to business. Fundamentally we’re structuring our efforts to optimise the value-add of eSign for companies. For instance, ease of use has a large impact on training time, we work to make Legalesign as intuitive and simple to use as possible. Legalesign is structured around flexible groups so that a customer can easily re-purpose their use of Legalesign to meet business change that can otherwise be very expensive.

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