About Legalesign

Legalesign is enterprise productivity software that enables a business to send, track, manage and store contracts while clients sign those contracts online.

Companies use Legalesign to:

• Gain significant productivity and financial benefits;

• Increase customers' satisfaction by removing the need for a printer and enabling them to sign from anywhere and; last but not least

• Relieve the burden of tiresome paperwork upon long suffering staff everywhere.

Legalesign is used by firms across the US and UK, from sole traders to large institutions and including legal firms, insurance companies, property firms, recruiters, accountants and many others.

Legalesign is built from the ground up to deliver maximum value for our customers. The tariff price of business software is often far exceeded by its costs of use – the cost of adoption, of training, the time in day-to-day usage, the cost of change. Legalesign is designed throughout to minimise these costs so our customers see most value through to the bottom line: from eliminating un-needed clicks in day-to-day actions so you don’t waste time getting contracts sent out, up to the entire architecture of the system that allows you to scale horizontally and vertically seamlessly and easily. We invest heavily in behind the scenes systems to ensure uptime and reliability, providing service where it matters.

Legalesign is not a product but a constantly evolving service. We update daily or weekly and work with our customers as partners to deliver value to them where and when we can find it. If you use Legalesign we’ll be pleased to hear from you – the whole development schedule is based on customer queries which starts with an email to us.

Founded in mid 2012, Legalesign started trading in early 2013 after a research and development phase at the University of Edinburgh informatics incubator. We operate from London and Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a wonderful place to work and play. You’ll also find international tech companies like Skyscanner and Fan Duel here, as well as games developer Rockstar North who make ‘Grand Theft Auto’.

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