Legalesign vs Docusign vs Echosign

by Legalesign Staff Writer, 16 January 2013

All eSign websites get your document signed. But getting documents signed isn’t only why eSign is good for business. The benefit of eSign isn’t the end result, but how the process adds value to your business.

Usually customers find they can instantly eliminate costs, reduce a lot of the wasted time (and talent) of staff, and create a better customer experience. With that in hand we then focus on delivering the most value possible to business by aiming to deliver the lower in whole life-cycle costs by using what the web can do, through technology choices and design. Here are some of the ways we’re doing this:

  1. We’re all about groups. Our site architecture is designed around it. Business functions around groups and so that’s how Legalesign is designed. This matters because by reflecting group structures Legalesign is excellent at evolving and scaling with the business change experienced by our customers.

  2. Value in simplicity. We include HTML based templating as well as PDF handling to offer better value for our customers and a better experience for their customers. It’s fastest over the web so minimal waiting times for our customers and their signers. It’s the web standard and it formats well across hardware devices. More subtly, it minimises storage and processing costs so our customers benefit from sustainable competitive pricing long-term. Down the tracks it’s going to lead to better API functionality and more control for our customers too.

  3. Value in design. Legalesign is focused on ease-of-use. We're also not a product but a service, incrementally improving over time based on customer feedback. You should be able to complete most tasks on Legalesign within one or two clicks. And usually training is simple, after one person has learnt in the office, it takes no more than 5 minutes to train colleagues. But there's also a support site, and we're on hand for any enquiries.

  4. Support and more support. We have tightly integrated our developers with support so that responding to customers, getting updates made and issues resolved is fast and efficient. Check out our online reviews to hear it from our customers G2 Crowd.

  5. Reliability. We bias our investment heavily toward infrastructure to maximize uptime and put it where it matters to deliver reliability and performance to our customers.

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