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January 16, 2013

Legalesign vs Docusign vs Echosign

Not often a single software simultaneously hits the two big wins: to improve customer experience and drive internal efficiency.

E-signature agreement software like Legalesign, Docusign and Adobe Sign do just that. [Adobe purchased Echosign since the time this article was originally written.]

Now you've discovered this you need to take your pick of the bunch. All eSign websites get your document signed. But getting documents signed isn’t only why eSign is good for business.

Quick immediate wins

As a starting point, from any software, customers should find they can instantly eliminate costs, reduce a lot of the wasted time (and talent) of staff, and create an improved customer experience.

However, it's not only what happens today but whether your technology partners are there for you tomorrow.

Looking longer term

Fundamentally our goal is to deliver the most value possible to customers. That's possible by minimising the life-cycle costs to customers through technology choices and design. Like, for example, ensuring high uptime.

Here are some of the ways we’re doing this:

  1. Value from flexibility. We’re all about groups. Our site architecture is designed around it. Business works around groups and so that’s how Legalesign is designed. This matters because by reflecting group structures Legalesign is excellent at evolving and scaling with the business change experienced by our customers.

  2. Value from simplicity. It's very straightforward to send out a contract, perhaps less than a minute's work. We also spend time optimising for speed of delivery. What costs do you reduce from this? Training time, potentially a big one. Also adoption. Staff are more likely to use a simple and accessible eSignature system. Adoption is one of the most overlooked aspect of technology choice and probably the cause of some of the biggest procurement fails. Combine simplicity in operation with a scalable roll out system (described in the point above), and you are more likely to succeed.

  3. Value from agile design. Legalesign iterates design based on feedback from customers every day. We're not only a product but also a service, incrementally improving over time based on customer feedback. The design of Legalesign is iterating and evolving out of real-world use in the business world every day. If you have a business need for improving our e-signature service and we can optimise our systems to deliver faster and better, we will.

  4. Value from support. We have tightly integrated our developers with support so that responding to customers, getting updates made and issues resolved is fast and efficient. Check out our online reviews to hear it from our customers G2 Crowd.

  5. Value from reliability. We bias our investment heavily toward infrastructure to maximize uptime and put it where it matters to deliver reliability and performance to our customers. Remember the last time the internet was down for an hour? It's amazing how quickly everything stops. Legalesign eSignature infrastructure is highly reliable and fully redundant.

Thank you!

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