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November 21, 2015

E-signature software for small businesses

I needed an eSign product that would be easy and simple to use, only a few documents but going out regularly, individually and in batches. Legalesign is absolutely great. The tracking is ideal as I can instantly spot all those people who haven't actioned )(or those that say they have and they really haven't). Sending documents takes seconds, and the batch process is really fabulous, today sending 60 contracts out took me less than 30 seconds - it makes a big difference. Support is great too, and always on hand. Would thoroughly recommend.

Sandra Patterson , Director at Kids Bee Happy Ltd

Where contract completion is a bottleneck, and you are spending valuable time putting together your contracts, sending them out and then following up your signers, use Legalesign software to resolve it. Features such as bulk send documents, automated email reminders, and eSignature API access can automate your systems and get your contracts sent and signed with minimal delay.

With Legalesign you can send electronic contacts rapidly, in just a few seconds. It also has bulk send facilities to send out the same contract to many different people, and embed PDF document features for where you don't know who will be e-signing your agreement.

You can send out multiple contracts to the same person or the same contract to multiple signers. For a business where you may have different contract signing requirements over time, Legalesign has the full range of facilities to encompass a wide range of e-signing situations.

In addition, Legalesign includes long term secure and encrypted storage for your documents, a highly responsive support team to meet your needs and a highly available platform to ensure the continued flow of your operation with no disruption.

Advantages of using Legalesign:

  • Cost-effective

  • Wide features to cover the full array of contract signing situations (multi signer etc.), including bulk send and API access

  • Highly responsive support team

  • Options to automate your systems

  • Branding features

  • Environmental friendly (paper & ink free)


Legalesign is cost-effective compared to other solutions. [Legalesign are] receptive to ideas about tweaking and improving the system. Helped us out on an Adobe EchoSign hole and have all the general benefits (time-saving, cost-saving, environmental friendly…)

Andrew Waland, B&M Waste Services.

[The] Upload of PDFs is easy/ fast, the ability to copy fields from one document to another is invaluable, input of doc fields easy once you get the hang of it, ability to "require" or "not require" each field in the document, upload of csv files for one signer docs easy/fast, designing your own reminder schedule(s), tracking/documentation of docs in ALL stages up through completion is also invaluable to our business, archiving of docs, customer service has been wonderful and responsive to our questions/needs, so far the cost is working for our small but growing business

D.Dodd S&T Fraternity Management

After frustrating trials with a number of electronic signature providers, including some of the best-known names in the field, we finally found a product which offered all the features we wanted and the flexibility we needed at a realistic price. Legalesign was immediately easy to use and the development team provided exceptional levels of support to help us achieve rapid integration with our bespoke, in-house software. As a result, we were able to implement our full solution for generating and managing complex multi-party contracts very quickly and keep several business-critical projects on track. Feedback from end-users has been very positive, as this not only saves a great deal of time but also provides absolute clarity and assurance throughout the process. The ease with which we can now make updates to key legal documents means that this is no longer a bottleneck in our development process, enabling us to focus on our real work!

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