Electronic signature for legal documents

Legal contracts signed, approved and witnessed online

Legalesign is an electronic signature software that gets PDF or Word legal documents (and many other file formats) signed, approved or witnessed.

How to get your legal document signed by electronic signature

Simply upload your document in any format, tell Legalesign where you want it to be signed through a drag and drop interface. Then you either sign it yourself or send it to others. You can add many signatures. There is an advanced workflow system if your legal document needs multiple signatures, approvers or witnesses, or is part of a more extensive transaction involving several documents.

Electronic signature for legal documents in bulk

If you have a lot of legal documents to get signed, Legalesign has a bulk signature feature enabling you to send your document to be signed by many people through a one-click system. Learn more about bulk send and sign for legal documents

Legal documents with forms

Legalesign includes advanced form features. Use the drag and drop interface to define form fields on your legal document. When you send the document to the signatory or signatories, they can fill out the details when they sign. Forms include a large array of features including file upload, conditional fields, auto-totalling fields and many more. Discover Legalesign features.

Legalesign documents signed and witnessed online

Legalesign uniquely includes an online witnessing system, based on advice from Law Society guidance. Legalesign 'ewitness' improves on standard paper witnessing by requiring witness presence during the signing process. Discover online witnessing.

Sign your legal document with advanced electronic signature

EU Regulations define three standards of electronic signature: basic, advanced and qualified. If your signatories are unlikely to hold a qualified signature, an advanced electronic signature is the best alternative. Learn more about electronic signature law in the UK. With Legalesign, your documents can be signed with an advanced electronic signature. In addition, Legalesign offers Certified PDF with Long-Term Validation; the best way to get a tamper-proofed self-authenticating document. Not only is it the best way to guarantee document authenticity, but also ensures that proving authenticity at some later date bears no dependency on Legalesign itself. Discover Certified PDF with LTV.

You can get your legal document signed by electronic signature now with the free trial, or contact us to talk to one of our experts to see whether Legalesign can meet your requirements.

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