eSignature for Legal Services

Legalesign has the fine controls over documents and the eSignature process that legal firms expect, a high level of compliance, and includes PDF Certification with long term validation that is the highest grade of integrity for your signed PDFs.

Form filling functions are included in Legalesign so the PDF is editable both when you send a contract and when signers complete it. You can get all the details you need from your signers straight into excel format.

Download the infographic for more details on the top benefits our customers see. See what our customers in legal services have said below.

Over 50% of contracts on Legalesign are signed within the hour and you can bring down your admin time by half.

The eSignature Process
ISO 27001 Certified Crown Commercial Supplier Advanced Electronic Signature
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"Legalesign allows clients to sign our paperwork at the touch of a button... giving clients a much better service. It has saved us money [and] it helps also with security. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs clients or customers to e-sign paperwork over the internet or by the use of their Iphone." Abbie Keech, Solicitor
"Really great service which has saved us an inordinate amount of time. Can't understand why more big law firms don't use this - would save hours of trainee time and remove 99% of the room for error on signing/ completions. Would highly recommend to any business - small or large."

Michelle Kingsley, Showroom
"Legalesign makes you spend less time processing contracts and is paper saving. It reduced human error and gave us a higher rate of document signed than with "wet ink". It has better tracking and gives us a quicker turnover (shorten sales cycle). Better management (with better oversight of contracts) and improve customer happiness (removing hassle of printer for customers) and the business image." "This is an excellent product!" Dorsay Dejam. 911 Legal Team, PC.