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How Legalesign’s API Helps Futurelink Group Manage Thousands of Critical Documents Every Year

Admin errors can cost your business thousands, if not millions of pounds. 

  • In August 2020, US-based Citigroup Inc. mistakenly transferred $900 million to lenders, instead of the $7.8 million interest payment they intended to.

  • While some of the money was returned, in 2022 a judge ruled that they would be unable to recover the remaining funds, as they were part of money owed in a larger loan scheme.

Your business might not be operating on the same scale as Citigroup, but admin errors can be a costly and irreversible mistake for any organisation.

Refining internal processes is a key metric in defining business success. Whether you’re open to costly admin mistakes, or there’s an inefficient workflow, keeping internal mechanisms as streamlined as possible is something every organisation should prioritise.

It’s a fact that Legalesign users Futurelink Group are acutely aware of.

Futurelink Group (FLG) is an award-winning UK-based payroll provider, managing the payroll for thousands of employees both domestically and across the globe.

They use Legalesign’s Salesforce integration to keep their data secure, workflows optimised and reduce the potential for admin errors.

The Challenges

Dealing with the payroll for thousands of employees means FLG handle large quantities of sensitive information collected from contract documents sent around the world.

To manage this sensitive data, FLG use Salesforce, a leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform.

Before Legalesign’s integration, FLG were sending documents electronically, but the information from those contracts still had to be manually entered into Salesforce. Their original solution lacked the flexibility required to fit their workflow.

  • It was a time-consuming process.

  • They were still open to admin errors that could potentially damage their business reputation, their bottom line, and impact employee pay. 

FLG needed an eSignature API that would fit their existing processes, and automatically map the data from contracts directly into the Salesforce CRM. 

Using fields mapping to automatically auto-fill the information necessary is exactly what we wanted. We didn’t want to do the work manually anymore. If that can be obtained through integration, why not? … It doesn’t just save us time, it eliminates mistakes as well.

At Legalesign, we’ve worked closely for many years with the Edinburgh-based consultancy firm Cairies. Andrew, their Salesforce specialist, has been helping companies get the most from the Salesforce package since 2008, and has a similarly in-depth knowledge of Legalesign’s API.

The Legalesign Solution

Legalesign’s API is flexible and robust, designed to meet the workflow requirements of any organisation.

Cairies spent a couple of days in consultation with Futurelink Group to understand their exact requirements and help them extract the maximum value from our eSignature platform.

Andrew, the Salesforce integration developer, was amazing, on point with anything we asked for, very helpful and prompt. He was even better than the Salesforce support.

With the requirements understood, Andrew was able to build the integration in just one week.

Diana, the Systems Software Administrator at Futurelink Group spent another week setting up their document templates.

Document templates are useful for Futurelink Group, as they allow for a document to be customised to different recipient at the point of sending. It’s a small feature, but one with huge workflow impact.

In addition, Legalesign’s ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certification give FLG confidence that they are meeting their GPDR responsibilities.

The contracts we send are important binding documents, so we needed to make sure our documents are privately and securely kept.

What’s Next?

Futurelink Group have been happy Legalesign customers for several years now, and we’re delighted to support them and many others as they continue to use our platform via integration.

Legalesign’s eSignature integration with Salesforce:

  • Streamlines their internal processes.

  • Reduces their admin errors.

  • Helps with GDPR compliance.

The communication between us and Legalesign was really easy. This, and the fast delivery of any documents or details we requested, helped to simplify the process. This became one of the main points that helped us take a positive choice.

 Each year, more than 800,000 documents are securely managed, sent and signed via Legalesign’s API, and our in-house development team are constantly refining it, making it easier and easier for developers to code against.

If you’ve got a document workflow that requires a custom eSignature integration, get in touch with our team today; we’re confident that our API can support the contract needs of any business.

Futurelink Group

Futurelink Group are a specialist contractor payroll service provider – helping companies to save on employment costs, mitigate worker taxes, whilst meeting IR35 and MSC compliance needs.


Cairies is an Edinburgh-based Salesforce implementation partner for businesses across the UK. Founded in 2011, Cairies helps businesses get the most from their Salesforce package with their expertise. 


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