Salesforce eSignature Integration

Simple and flexible. Send direct from Salesforce. Includes automation to get your client's form data and final pdf back into Salesforce.

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Legalesign focuses on delivering excellent ROI for business and our Salesforce integration is a must have if you already have a Salesforce deployment.

With the integration you get the main function of Legalesign built into Salesforce, but retain the power of the Legalesign app for any edge situations that arise.

"A great software that works perfectly with Salesforce - Legalesign integration with Salesforce is the best part. I and my colleagues use it every day and it makes our job easier and much faster. All the forms match the fields in Salesforce and these fields are filled in automatically once the document is completed. On top, the support I got while we did the integration was amazing. No delays with answers on point."
Why choose Legalesign?
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Automatic document and form data transfer. Salesforce details update automatically.

Once your document is set up in Legalesign it's already ready to go in your Salesforce integration.

Upon signing, the integration will not only automatically pull your signed document back into Salesforce Files, but with field mapping, it will write back any form data too.

"If you are looking for a secure software to send documents to your clients, Legalesign is for sure the perfect product. You will also receive quick and accurate support when necessary. To make it even better, you can integrate into Salesforce and your manual work will reduce. "
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What's different?

Unlike other digital signature applications, Legalesign's esignature integration with Salesforce sees all document templates mastered in the Legalesign application. There is no need to upload templates into Salesforce itself, no complicated merge field notation to learn and no complex queries required to generate the data you require.

"Legalesign helped us have less manual work by having the integration with Salesforce. A plus would also be the fact that we do fewer errors and our customers/clients take responsibility for what they write in the documents."
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Pricing to fit your business

No lock-ins and unlimited send. Our pricing puts you in control: pay as you go and features-based pricing means you can buy based on your own ROI.

Environmentally friendly

Going paperless reduces the use of paper and transport, helping create a cleaner, greener environment for all. An eSignature contract signals your eco-credentials.

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High performer in world rankings

Legalesign software ranks high in rankings with performance often better than or at least equal to market leaders. But with the responsiveness and accountability of a local supplier. Important for our customers who take their own responsibilities for data seriously.

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