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March 19, 2014

Send a contract to signatories in sequence

Send a PDF document to signers sequentially or all at the same time - find email notifications in the admin settings.

If you wish to send a PDF to multiple e-signers be aware of the 'part of terms' on e-signer form fields. Make sure you try and set up your document so that any text sections for signers do have 'part of terms’ checkbox unticked (so long as they are not part of the contract terms!). The impact of 'part of terms' is felt when you have multiple signers - for example, if you have 4 signers, then Signer 4 will need to wait for Signer 3 to complete all text section that are 'part of terms' before signer 4 can sign.

If there is one section of 'substantive’ text that needs to be assigned to a signer unavoidably, make sure it is signer 1 that needs to complete it and send the document to signers sequentially. Signer 2, 3 and 4 etc won’t hear about the document till the substantive part is completed, and so there won’t be any hold ups.

For guidance to set up a document correctly if you have multiple e-signer documents please contact support.


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