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How to add multiple signers to a document

You can add multiple signers, approvers and witnesses.

Go to the PDF editing page. Drag and drop any Signer fields onto the document for the first signer, then any Signer fields for the second signer. When the form field settings pops up, the top-most dropdown lets you reassign the field to other signers, approvers or witnesses. Fields for different signers will have different border colours.

E-Signature and approval workflows can be complex: you can have form fields, different handling for form fields, different types of approver, options for approvers to send onto other approvers... and more. If you know you're going to add an approver when sending out a document, you can add that approver later, but if you know they will need form fields, you need to specify them on the PDF. There are two types of approvers for various situations, contact us for advice on complex workflows.

In total, you can add up to twelve signers and witnesses within any one document (if you need more contact us).

Here's the signer Colour Key:

Signer 1 - Green

Signer 2 - Blue

Signer 3 - PurpleĀ 

Signer 4 - Red

Signer 5 - Yellow